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I Gots Da Books!

We just moved into our new house. And are unpacking. And I gots da books.

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Craig Kiessling OMG Funny

Gotta Watch It!

A most informative documentary on…Okay, it’s not. But just watch it. You’ll laugh your @$$ off.

And some more…

Craig Kiessling dot com - Pollen

It’s Pollen Time!

One of my buddies is really affected my the slightest bit of Pollen. AND he’s a big Star Wars fan. This is for him. Well, I find it funny too 😛

Craig Kiessling Ukulele

Craig Kiessling – Back to the Uke!

Learning to play a musical instrument is hard work. I know – I’ve tried many times. And given up. But I’m trying again. The Ukulele returns to my clumsy hands after being away for many years.

Celebrating Mommys birthday at Sweet Melissas restaurant in Decatur

Mommy’s Birthday 2014

Mommy’s Birthday – Fun for Lily (Mommy got spa-day from Daddy the following Saturday :))