Titles in Google SERPs

Titles in Google SERPs

Title Tag in SEO

Title tags are an extremely important factor in SEO. Unlike other aspects of Search Engine Optimization, page titles can not be over-emphasized.

Think about it for a minute…A Title Tag:

So how do we optimize the title tag for each page?


  • Make each & every title tag unique, based on the unique content of each page.
  • Include keywords & key-phrases, based on content.
  • Put those keywords at the beginning of the title, yet make it human-readable.
  • Use a maximum of about 63 characters, or somewhere between 3 – 10 words.
  • Branding & Company name can go here, but probably at the back end of the title; is your brand so household-recognized that people will be searching for it?
  • Ensure the words in the title tag of your page are in the body text and various headings in the actual content of your page.

A good example would be: "Very Important Keyword Phrase – Company Name".

Do Not:

  • Have multiple title tags. This does not work and may prevent the proper title from being used.
  • Have more than 63 characters in the title.
  • Don’t put keywords in the title that are not contained on the web page
  • Don’t use stopwords or dead word such as "with, the, and, of, or welcome, etc."
  • Repeat words

Now go and make us a good Title, you SEO rockstar!

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