Search Engines still not finding you?

Need Atlanta SEO Services?

I’ll be honest here. Although I’d prefer to provide SEO Services to you or your clients in a long-term working relationship, I’m open to providing these Atlanta SEO Services to you directly.

Contact me today for consultation, advisement, implementation, training and many other aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Even if you’re not in Atlanta, Georgia, we can still work something out; hey – it’s the day of the internet right?

I’m a straight-shooting, rooting-tootin, SEO kind of guy. Read on if you don’t believe me. 😉

I’m in Atlanta, Georgia, and you may or may not be. But you’ve got an SEO problem.

You’ve got your site up and running. You paid a bunch of cash for either an in-house resource or off-shored the work to get higher rankings in the search engines. And still…You’re competition is dropping you. And you’ve just realized the guy you hired to help with SEO doesn’t know jack.

Sound familiar?

There are too many self-styled "Gurus" of SEO out there who truly have no idea what they are talking about. Search Engine Optimization is about much more than simply "adding a few tags to the site", nor is it about getting a link to your site on any other site that will put it up…And you’ve probably learned this already – the hard way.

What are real SEO Services About?

  • Knowing what you want
  • Knowing who you are
  • Knowing who your customers are
  • Knowing what they want
  • Knowing what they need
  • Knowing where they play
  • Knowing what they use
  • Knowing who your competitors are
  • Knowing which competitors will be a touch battle in SEO
  • Knowing exactly what they did to get where they are
  • Knowing where you currently are
  • Knowing the buying cycle
  • Knowing the retail marketing cycle
  • Knowing the competitive landscape
  • Knowing your brand
  • Knowing your online reputation
  • Knowing your partners
  • Knowing your industry
  • Knowing your industries current, past & future trends
  • Understanding Accessibility
  • Understanding Web Standards
  • Understanding Layout vs. Content
  • Understanding Content is King
  • Knowing what Search Engines to target
  • Understanding how those Search Engines rank relevancy
  • Understanding good design principles
  • Understanding good coding principles
  • Understanding nuances of effects of various CMS
  • Understanding how people Search
  • Understanding Analytics
  • Keyword Research
  • Benchmarking
  • Building relationships
  • Interacting with your customers
  • Understanding Hierarchy of content
  • How long you’ve been out there
  • What others think of you
  • Your brand
  • Understanding "White Hat vs Black Hat
  • Understanding New Media
  • Understanding Personae
  • Understanding Url-Redirection
  • Understanding how PPC and integrated Search services affect natural SEO
  • Reports, deliverables, presentations and results
  • Web 2.0
  • Knowing who the experts are
  • Becoming an authority
  • Being active in your industry online
  • Integrating marketing campaign media
  • A reliable consultant to help you understand, manage and implement these as well as many others not mentioned, and the potential to train you and/or your team

Contact me about your SEO services or…

  • You’ll lose prospects & money
  • You’ll have no way to connect with people in the last phase of the buying cycle
  • You’ll have more competitors you aren’t aware of
  • You won’t know what others think of your company, your message, your product, your service, your brand
  • You’ll have no recourse
  • Your brand will automatically begin to have an old-fashioned stigma
  • You’ll be way behind
  • Your competitors will

What SEO Services can you get?

In short, all of the above, and much more. Be smart. Knock your competition out of the online picture. Get results. Contact me today for your SEO Services!