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Adobe Premiere

Digital Video Terminology

From time to time I work with videos for marketing, teaching, sharing, etc. my Kung Fu classes. On this most recent project, I came across a decent learning resource for Digital Video.

Jerzy Kosinski Steps book


A personal review on the shocking and odd collection of vignettes known as Steps, by Jerzy Kosinski. Actual vignette included.

Big Data

Big Data = Little People

Online Marketers, Social Media Masters, etc…You’re Doing It Wrong. This is a No-Holds-Barred look at why People and Quality matter more than Data and Quantity.


Listen to Market

Don’t just “Go-To-Market”.
You actually have to pay some attention to your customers. You have to know your audience. You have to listen to your ideal market.

10 Hottest YouTube Videos of 2012

10 Hottest YouTube Videos of 2012

We love Youtube and all it has to offer, don’t we? It can be used for marketing purposes, training, education, communication, and just plain fun. Of course the N00B comments we could do without. Here’s a quick look at ten of the hottest YouTube videos gone viral of 2012

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