One of my friends from the PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu project and I had a crazy idea: do up a Podcast in the niche area in which we specialized: TCMA (Traditional Chinese Martial Arts).

It was a great match-up. Outside of the experience, knowledge & contacts surrounding the content – we also each specialized in a much-needed aspect. As a musician, he had the Audio. And I had the Website stuff.

We each devoured tons of podcasts, took notes and sketched out ideas and came up with formats, tricks and plans that we thought would help us succeed.

But it was still somewhat of an experiment. Neither of us had done a Podcast before. We weren’t sure how it would go in the long-term, honestly.

So in the creation of the website, I kept it somewhat reserved. But I SEO-ed the hell out of it. I went out and spread the word.

After a couple of years, we both had to step away from the project for personal reasons, but during its run…

We absolutely rocked. We were two co-hosts. We had segments in the episodes. We did interviews. We held engaging discussions. We reported on the topical news. It was informative yet comedic.

During the run and for several years thereafter, the website was the number one result for the search term “Martial Arts Podcast” in ALL search engines anywhere. And still, to this day, we get shout outs from later podcasts in the martial arts arena and might even have a credit or two in published copy.

Skills Used