These are the things that have been occupying my time lately:

Always looking for a semi-steady, if not steady paying gig, with preference to Remote / Telecommute work.

  • ICND
    Providing SEO services for niche clients
  • Student Center
    For my Kung Fu students. Student login SubDomain for learning material, interaction, gamification, pay for classes, create school events, and much more. I was extremely disappointed with the options out there, so I am slowly rolling my own.
  • Studying Kung Fu
    I’ve begun studying a different Kung Fu style than what I teach.
  • Research & Writing
    Researching material for my students in-depth; currently focused on the origins, histories, curriculums of (and more…) of the Guoshu Institutes and the Ching Wu Association. This type of research is difficult, long and winding but rewarding.
  • Pause & Prioritization shift
    Building a site to curate Kung Fu videos and movies, with varying data sources and organization, with an emphasis of organized detail tailored for the actual Kung Fu practitioner. Building on local machine for layout, testing, etc. Site will be initially free for users, with ad-generated revenue, but ideally in a non-invasive way
  • Pause & Prioritization shift
    I’ve a basic template for the site and have worked out the format for the podcast. Now sitting on it for a moment until some time opens. Using things I’ve learned from the somewhat now-defunct Hiyaa Podcast project and adding sponsorship and niche focus.
  • Pause & Prioritization shiftLanguages
    I’ve subscribed to many different language learning podcasts and trying them out. Some all have the same format, being run by the same companies. Some are better than others in fulfilling the promise of completely free and others are merely advertising platforms. Trying to figure out which languages are easiest for me personally, to whittle it down and focus on those, as some seem far beyond what my little brain can handle at present.
  • Pause & Prioritization
    A website on my local machine to help me compile research on the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu style I teach, and its relative and associated data. I’ve realized that the basic website platform, with posts, pages, tags, categories, etc. is an ideal platform for interlinking disparate data points. Hmmmm… the origins of the internet anyone?
  • Other stuff I am not sure belongs here, but might add them later (reading, teaching, networking, etc.)