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social media monitoring

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Last week, I hinted that for marketing tools, you only need Social Media. That’s not completely true. But it’s a good start. Social Media, indeed – the internet in general, is a vast marketing playground. What we need are tools that help us manage the conversations. Enter Social Media Monitoring or Social Media Measurement, not …

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SEO Page Speed

Google helps SEO via Speed

If you’ve been under a rock or just haven’t heard, about a year ago Matt Cutts announced on the Google Webmaster Central Blog that Site Speed is a factor in Search Ranking. And about a year before that, Google posted a YouTube video hinting about this change, titled “Let’s make the Web Faster”. Let’s Make …

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Disco Google

Disco with Google

UPDATE:Disco Discontinued. Yesterday I posted about Facebook Acquiring Beluga to bolster to make use of their mobile group messaging technology. Mobile Group Messaging War Facebook is not the only contender in this space. Now that they’ve acquired one of their would-be competitors, they only have to deal with the applications like GroupMe, Groupflier, Celly, Fast …

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Google Buys Aardvark

Update on Google and Aardvark Google Kills Aardvark, Which It Bought For $50 Million Last Year Google Purchases Social Search Service, Aardvark Google, the search engine giant, gets even bigger. For $50 Million, Google has purchased the social search service Aardvark. Developed by The Mechanical Zoo, Aardvark was founded by a group of former Google …

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Google Buzz

Buzz on Google Buzz

So there’s a new SMO (Social Media Optimization) and Social Networking tool out… Google Buzz has now been released (now very much defunct). A tool very much like FriendFeed (also now defunct; in fact, the url now redirects to Facebook!), it easily integrates into your Gmail and other Google tools. I’m not sure how …

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