SERPs = Search Engine Result Pages… The stuff you see after you enter a word or phrase in that handy-dandy search box on a Search Engine and hit ENTER. And SEO Consultants pay some pretty heavy attention to this stuff! :)

Local Search Engine Optimization - Local SEO

5 Tactics to Boost Local Traffic

I wrote a pretty outstanding article for my company’s Blog and wanted to share it with you. Although written for the vacation rental industry, it’s a power-packed article that’s useful for those in other industries as well. 5 Ultra Powerful SEO or Search Engine Optimization tactics to Boost Local Traffic to your website.

Online Marketing

21 Hot Online Marketing Articles

For once, I actually read through some of the gazillions of Online Marketing articles that flow in through my Inbox. And there were some serious doozies laying in there! So I broke them down into their various categories and made a list of the fairly interesting (and definitely the more informative and actionable) ones

SEO Page Speed

Google helps SEO via Speed

If you’ve been under a rock or just haven’t heard, about a year ago Matt Cutts announced on the Google Webmaster Central Blog that Site Speed is a factor in Search Ranking. And about a year before that, Google posted a YouTube video hinting about this change, titled “Let’s make the Web Faster”. Let’s Make …

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Yahoo - LinkedIn

Yahoo gets LinkedIn

So I was working on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Progress reports for the site and checking CSKnet’s stats on Yahoo… (Website now dead) And found that Yahoo is getting Linked In…In more ways than one. I wanted to see who Yahoo thought was linking to “,” and to remove consideration of links from “” (Links …

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