Usability. It’s as simple as “Is your site Usable?” but it’s also a bit more than that.
It’s such an important factor, that even the government has bit on Usability.
Associated with, but different from Accessibility.

Online Marketing

21 Hot Online Marketing Articles

For once, I actually read through some of the gazillions of Online Marketing articles that flow in through my Inbox. And there were some serious doozies laying in there! So I broke them down into their various categories and made a list of the fairly interesting (and definitely the more informative and actionable) ones

Big Data

Big Data = Little People

Online Marketers, Social Media Masters, etc…You’re Doing It Wrong. This is a No-Holds-Barred look at why People and Quality matter more than Data and Quantity.

Eat at URL's

Domain Names and your SEO

Domain Names are an extremely important consideration in SEO. If you’re selling used green pants, how do you think or would fare in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)? Well, I think you know – it would do great! Domain Names So what should we do about Domain Names, URLs and what are …

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