Emily Kinney Dead Sing August

The Dead Sing August

A play, a movie, a song, and a podcast walk into a bar…
An interesting happenstance where Entertainment meets Serendipity.

Adobe Premiere

Digital Video Terminology

From time to time I work with videos for marketing, teaching, sharing, etc. my Kung Fu classes. On this most recent project, I came across a decent learning resource for Digital Video.

10 Hottest YouTube Videos of 2012

10 Hottest YouTube Videos of 2012

We love Youtube and all it has to offer, don’t we? It can be used for marketing purposes, training, education, communication, and just plain fun. Of course the N00B comments we could do without. Here’s a quick look at ten of the hottest YouTube videos gone viral of 2012


A Monday Morning Funny

On Monday mornings we usually need a little pick-me-up. This funny video clip will start your week off right – with a dose of some super funny!

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