From SEO projects to full-on employment gigs, people have some good things to say about my work. Check these out.

…He is more than efficient in planning and managing projects, has good expertise with regards to web and campaigns, online marketing & Internet marketing, and conscientiously adheres to company standards and guidelines.

Jan PenninkhofCloud Platform & SAP Mentor @ SAP

Craig was a wonderful asset to us in our project to enhance and re-launch the Central Equine web site!

I had dealt with a couple other SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guys before Craig and he blows them out of the water!

He has been the most knowledgeable person on SEO that I had the opportunity to deal with.

Craig did all the work for us remotely and rarely was in the office but we could count on him to get everything done.

Scott SchaedlePresident @ Central Equine

Craig was great in his hands-on approach of getting us up & running quickly – not only in the HTML template set-up, but also in helping us to understand Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Working outside of his job-scope, he gifted us with excellent training and manuals so that anyone with the proper motivation and creativity could continue where he left off.

His follow-up in Google Analytics, testing trends, and initiating the OMS (Online Marketing Systems) was definitely Key in our start-up success. Needless to say, I can assuredly recommend Craig Kiessling for a successful endeavor.

Tim HackamawMarketing Technology Manager @ E-Staff

…Craig doesn’t simply do an excellent job; he sees the picture, and applies scalability and the opportunity for potential.

Chad GarretGrizzard

…with intimidating deadlines & project outlines, we were more than pleasantly surprised with the results…

…has indeed been a vital part of our continuity.

John HashimotoHomestore

…Craig showed us that everything has potential; from mundane duties, to innovative thinking and application, we’re thankful for his great contributions to this momentous shifting!

Ruth LachenbrierChange Management Manager @ Six Continents Hotels

Thanks, Craig! The site looks great. I know very little about all of this Web stuff, but I do know that it’s much easier to navigate now…Clean and Structured – I like it!

Allen PittmanPhysical Training Traditions
Now Wisdom of the Body

Craig worked with a quick turn-around-time with development and gave us some amazing SEO ideas for future growth. I’d definitely recommend him for your project.

Milt WilliamsTechBios