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101% Quality. 100% Holistic. 100% White Hat.
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SEO. It’s what I do.

Focus on what you do best:
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And leave the Search Engine Optimization to me. I am an SEO Specialist, after all.

Craig Kiessling | SEO Specialist | Atlanta, GA


White Hat.

Don’t be fooled by ridiculous guarantees, empty catch-phrases, meaningless data, or over-hyped clickbait nonsense.

Your SEO Partner should be experienced, knowledgeable, comprehensive, communicative, and trustworthy.

Experience You Can trust

As an SEO Specialist, I’ve been in the SEO game for over 10 years.

Results You Can See

Delivering results and insightful reports monthly. Google Analytics, Data Studio and more.

Affordable Services

No inflated costs like with large SEO Agencies. I’m a solo SEO Specialist that can tackle it all.

SEO is constantly evolving.

Are you losing business?

Low-Quality Web pages Online

Quality SEO Specialist

Since the dawn of the Internet, I’ve been helping optimize the online world with a large helping of Quality. I love empowering businesses large and small with my Search Engine Optimization services. I’ve seen business entities come and go, experiments succeed and fail, niche areas trumpeted and fizzle out. I have an in-depth understanding of what makes the Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs, dance.

Quality Content is not just about writing long fluff material regularly. Unfortunately, this is notably the bread & butter of many supposed SEO experts. 

Providing users with substantive, useful, and unique content is what compels them to stay on your pages, building familiarity and trust. What constitutes high quality will depend on the nature of the content and varies based on the type of content and industry.

Much is involved with the creation of Quality Content. From beginning to end through optimization, a trusted SEO partner will walk you through all of the steps. But there’s more to Quality than just the Content.

Consider Analytics. If you’re not measuring, that’s a problem. But Analytics is about more than simply having tags on your website and pressing a button to spit out reports.

Unfortunately, however, this click-for-a-report practice is commonplace within most agencies.
Analytic packages sort the data, but it takes a human to analyze it. Dashboards are great, but ultimately it takes an actual person to draw out insightful action points to capitalize on.

And then you have Transparency. Today, unfortunately, this word equates with honesty.

There are just too many unscrupulous and unqualified entities out there taking advantage of people.

With a trusted SEO partner, you’ll get Quality transparency & communication.

Quality, Holistic, White Hat SEO

Improve your Visibility. Increase your Conversions.

Holistic SEO

Looking at current industry trends, it’s understandable if you believe that SEO is merely about a very particular set of factors. Most still hold this incomplete and flawed viewpoint. Some of those things could be:

  • Data-Mining + Insight + Automation.
  • Fast Page Load Speeds.
  • On-Page Optimization.
  • Backlinks and more Backlinks.
  • Internal Link Strategies.
  • Getting the “Green Light” on Yoast.
  • Content Marketing via Social Media.
  • Technical SEO.
  • And many other incomplete theories.

Whether it be the latest headline craze, a CEO’s viewpoint, or some other reasoning, you can see these limited beliefs in job descriptions, hear them on podcasts, and much more.

The problem here is that each one has merit, but they will not solve the entire issue. To illustrate, imagine a sizeable puzzle that creates a pretty picture of a wolf howling at the moon. We can not put all of our focus solely on a single puzzle piece for the whole time.

Enter Holistic SEO. However, the understanding of what this means tends to be, across the board, incomplete as well.

The Yoast website defines it as “improving all important aspects of a website to rank higher in the search engines.” That sounds great on the surface. On the other hand, if we are only talking about “of a website,” where do backlinks come into play? Google My Business? Social Media? Citations? You get the picture.

Having been in the SEO game since its inception, I know that optimization is not simply about the web page or the website. It’s about the digital footprint. The conversation. The voice. Holistic SEO is about doing everything possible, everywhere we can.

Because there’s much to do within SEO, we know it’s not a one-off type of engagement. And we also know that we must prioritize tasks: what takes little effort to get the most return.

At this point, agencies will then declare that they “will do the other stuff later.”

The problem is that they never do.

In Holistic SEO, “we do all the stuff.”

SEO is Art. SEO is Science.

Can your Clients find you?


SEO: The Three Phase Approach

A walk Through the Mind of an SEO Specialist

SEO Process | Phase One

Investigation & Fixes

The first phase is about the investigation, fixes, and easy optimizations; mainly on-site, but some digging off-site as well. You will be tasked with various small tasks that only you can perform. Think of your Google Business Profile (formerly Google my Business or GMB), Social, etc. However, I can also tackle these & other things for you; indeed, with credentials, I’m able to do quite a bit.


Advanced Optimizations

This second phase is about more advanced optimizations, content strategy, social strategy, internal & external linking, geographic & local boosting, competitive landscape strategies, aligning paid marketing channels with organic, customized advanced reporting, reputation management not already fixed and more.

SEO Process - Phase Two
SEO Process - Phase Three

Optimizing Success

Third phase is about the ongoing life-cycle of having a business online. We’ve seen lots of growth, but there will be new content to optimize, new channels to establish footprints on, new relationships and more.

Enhanced customization comes into play with extremely-detailed standards guides, reports, further refinements to design & development, conversion improvement and more.

Many people believe SEO is simply about “Content & Backlinks” and that’s it.

This SEO Specialist will tell you that is patently 100% false.

There are millions, yes millions, of pages on the web with content like ” Our [geo-term][keyword] services in [geo-term] are the best. If you’re looking for [geo-term][keyword] services…”

Anyone who reads this nonsense will leave immediately or bounce.

Provide a quality, enjoyable & informative experience, from search to conversion, for your users.

The phrase “Content is King” has created a monster.

And it ain’t pretty.

The Pitfalls of Search Engine Optimization

You need a trusted partner in SEO

SEO Freelancers, consultants, employees, full-blown agencies, and more abound. You may have heard of (or experienced!) some nightmarish engagements.

Scam artists providing ridiculous guarantees, folks who tell half-truths, engage in
shady activities on companies’ behalf, those that prey on the ignorance of clients, agencies who charge a lot but provide amateur-level work.

Some dazzle with SEO buzzwords and industry catch-phrases, focusing activity around the latest article headlines – regardless of its true impact or relevance.

And some will actually engage in “Black Hat” methods – activities that might garner you quick gains, but extreme long-term losses.

You’re not sure how to rate potential partners in the field; in fact, you don’t want to get burned and might not even be sure how to tell if you have been burned.

Indeed, there could be a plethora of SEO questions, worries, concerns, and interests you may have, but your hands are up in the air in confusion and/or overwhelm.



  • Migrate your Website to WordPress
  • Re-Design & Development
  • Customization
  • Training
  • SEO

What People Are saying

Or "Why You need me as an SEO Specialist or Consultant"

He is more than efficient in planning and managing projects, has good expertise with regards to web and campaigns, online marketing & SEO, and conscientiously adheres to company standards and guidelines.
Jan Penninkhoff
Cloud Platform & SAP Mentor @ SAP
We had dealt with a couple other SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guys before Craig and he blows them out of the water! He has been the most knowledgeable SEO Specialist that I had the opportunity to deal with.
Scott Schaedle
President @ Central Equine
I was so excited to see the new website...And then when I did - I sent him a text message saying "OMG! It is sooooo perfect! I love it!" [In response to website redesign & SEO beginnings]
Julia Vie
Owner @ Victoria's Muse Photography Studio

Quality, Holistic, White Hat SEO

Improve your Visibility.
Increase your Conversions.

Craig Kiessling | Search Engine Optimization Consultant
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SEO is constantly evolving.

Are you losing business?

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