Searching Movies in Google

Simple Search for Movie Times & Theaters

Simple commands in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask, will return all you need for your movie viewing pleasure.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You want to go see a movie. You pick a movie. You do a search on what theaters are in your area. You see if any of them are playing the movie you want to see. You view the show times, pick one, and either purchase tickets online or search map directions and purchase at the door.

As with many other tasks, proper power search techniques makes this laundry list of steps a thing of the past. So how do we use the Search Engines to show us this wonderful movie information?

Search Movies in Google

Searching Movies in Google
Google Movie Search

Entering the search term movies into Google will give you the little gem on the right.

Now check this out – if you are not sure of the full title of a movie, but have a detail & need more info., use the special search term movie: special detail and you will pull up immediate reviews, ratings, and links to movies with your special detail in the title.

Search Movies in Yahoo

Of course, searching Yahoo has similar commands. Want to see a movie preview or trailer? Just enter the movie title and the word trailer or trailers, and voila! You’ve got trailers and a search box to list your local times, like the image.

Yahoo Movie Search
Yahoo Movie Search

An alternative is to simply search the title of the movie and your city, state, to see listings and times.

Search Movies in Ask

In my opinion, Ask’s Search Engine kicks the rest to shame in this category… Just simply enter in the title of the movie you are searching and hit Enter. Then you get all of the above, and much more, in a rocking format. No joke! Try this: Search for Indiana Jones on Ask. Well…It did.

Or maybe you want to see a movie, but need some suggestions…Just search for movies and it brings up very handy options, to say the least.

Search Movies in MSN / Live

And yes, Microsoft does their thing as well. Although not quite as cool as Ask, they do make an assumption – just search for the title of the movie, and your first listing will be showtimes in your area. You can go move on from there, and although I think the assumption of If I search for “Indiana Jones,” I want to see the movie and would be most interested in knowing local show times, it is still an assumption…And we know what they say about those, don’t we?

Quick Alternative

Keep in mind, that most of these Search Engines also have directories, and sub-sites, dedicated to various things, for example, movies. Only Yahoo! is the easiest to locate this area: you can get there from their main page, or just go to MSN also has a But doing the does not work anymore like it once did for several of the search engines.

So we have pros and cons for each Search Engine, but overall, I think these commands will not only help your movie search but also give you a bit more depth of understanding Search Engines.

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