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News Readers Updated for 2018!

Like many of you, I read a great many different blogs, and come across even more on a daily basis. Also like many of you, these add up to overwhelm. And so of course I searched…for some decent News Readers.

This morning, I came across a great Lifehacker post on the Best Newsreaders. After a polling, they came up with a list of Top 3 News Readers at the time.

But then in late 2018, while I was going through my Blog here and cleaning up posts, I decided to refresh this list a little bit.

Free RSS Readers / News Readers

  1. Feedly
  2. The Old Reader
  3. Inoreader
  4. Feeder
  5. Flipboard
  6. Feedreader Online
  7. Google Reader (Web-Based) 🙁 Discontinued – Read Why Here🙁
  8. NetVibes (Web-Based)
  9. NetNewsWire (Mac OS X)

When I originally read that article, way back when, I was thrown off in regards to Google Reader. I’d been using Google Reader for years at that point, but was failing to regularly input it into my Daily habits, finding it evasive to remind myself to open a new window or tab, type in the URL, and skim. For some reason, having a separate desktop application running in the background, that I can just ALT+TAB to, whenever I want, seems much easier.

But I thought to myself “All those Lifehacker readers can’t be wrong…I’m going to read Lifehacker’s post, Getting Good with Google Reader, and see if that helps…”

But reading on, into the comments after that post, I saw quite a few of the commenters were not so big on Google Reader, instead choosing others, such as addons or plugins for Firefox…Hmmm…Guess I was going to have to give them a try…Do they work with Google Chrome? Love me some Chrome, ya know.

Years later, in 2018, I find myself pretty busy and haven’t even thought about Feed Readers in quite some time. And now refreshing this post, and finding out that they are still around, some fairly new & slick, I think I just might have to dive in again. It helps to keep up 😉

RSS = Rich Site Summary = Really Simple Syndication = RDF Site Summary = Similar to Atom 😛

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