Content Syndication, SEO and You

SEO – Unique Content vs Syndication

Content Syndication, SEO and You
Content Syndication and SEO

Thinking of SEO and looking at two quotes from the founder of the Internet Archive, I again run into the common debate over content.

I remember in an interview with search giant, John Battelle, Brewster Kahle, entrepreneur and founder of the Internet Archive was quoted as saying:

The library of Alexandria was the first time humanity attempted to bring the sum total of human knowledge together in one place at one time. Our latest attempt? Google.

Now that’s a heavy and deep search-oriented statement for sure. Lots of goodies to make one think. But now, think of this second quote, in an interview in 2004 between Stu Feldman and Kahle:

If you look at the history of libraries, you see that they tend to be burned. The new guys don’t want the old stuff around. So the lesson of the first Library of Alexandria is &quot.don’t have just one copy."

So then we have an idea of the internet, with Google as the powerhouse, and the wise ones following Google’s recommendations of unique content. We all know it to be a true SEO rule and have hit stumbling blocks in the road; RSS – content syndication, for example. Google countered later, however, saying that the original or oldest content would be the one given credit.

And then we have Kahle’s second piece, that talks of having more than one copy. Hmmmm…Social media, bookmarking, 2.0, rss, and other marketing and syndication methods are sure following this advice, and sometimes I go to the extreme of wondering what happens if & when my host goes under…I should be keeping copies of all my content on various disks. That should be obvious I guess. But it does make me wonder…

What are your thoughts on this balance of unique content vs syndication, etc. and the future effects as well?

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