SamePoint Social Media Search

Powerful SMO Tool for SEO in the New Year – SamePoint

SamePoint Social Media Search

Update regarding SamePoint

Unfortunately, the SamePoint website is D-E-A-D. 🙁

As you may have figured out by now, using SMO (Social Media Optimization), tied in with SEO in your Online Marketing efforts, is fast becoming a must-have.

But with all the Networking sites (professional, social, and somewhere in-between) APIs (Application Programming Interface), tools and more out there, where do you start and how do you manage it all?

Well, there’s a lot of good ones out there, but let me tell you about one of them along your SEO road.

I just recently found out about this wonderful tool, and I personally find it to be pretty decent. Go on over to SamePoint and check it out.

With a Google-like interface, you simply enter in a search query and what is returned are listings from various Social sites listing your query, like Twitter, Wikipedia, Blogger,, friendfeed and many, many others.

For example, I did a search on “Northern Shaolin”, as that is the style of Chinese Martial arts or more commonly known as Kung Fu, over at PATHS Atlanta Northern Shaolin Kung Fu section.

Check out what the results page looks like – very intuitive, user-friendly, and more importantly, valuable!

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