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Disco with Google

Disco Google
Disco Google

UPDATE: Google Disco Discontinued.

Yesterday I posted about Facebook Acquiring Beluga to make use of their mobile group messaging technology.

Mobile Group Messaging War

Facebook is not the only contender in this space. Now that they’ve acquired one of their would-be competitors, they only have to deal with the applications like GroupMe, Groupflier, Celly, Fast Society, and Kik, although Facebook will easily dominate the market share in my opinion.

Enter Google Disco

That’s right; now Google has entered the fray.

Their new service, Disco, is offered both as an online service and as an iPhone application. No Android download yet, due to the acquisition of Slide; yet this very same Slide acquisition gives Disco the ability to support Facebook integration in order to import your friends, etc.

Disco is extremely bare-bones currently and I’m guessing Google just wanted to get into the competitive landscape ASAP.

Mobile, Online, and Social Marketing

With such a landscape growing, it will be interesting to see a similar explosion happening for advertising and marketing service providers.

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