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Google helps SEO via PageSpeed

Google, PageSpeed or Page Load Speed & SEO
Google, PageSpeed or Page Load Speed & SEO

Page Load Speed or PageSpeed is ultimately now a major factor in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Google.

If you’ve been under a rock or just haven’t heard, about a year ago Matt Cutts announced on the Google Webmaster Central Blog that Site Speed is a factor in Search Ranking.

And about a year before that, Google posted a YouTube video hinting about this PageSpeed enhancement, titled “Let’s make the Web Faster“.

Let's Make the Web Faster

Google's PageSpeed or Page Load Speed in Detail

As a matter of fact, an entire section of Google Code was dedicated to Making the Web Faster.

PageSpeed Makes the Web Faster for SEO

So now it’s official – Page Speed definitely affects your page’s search engine rankings & SEO efforts.

And Google’s released a new tool to help you with it: Google Page Speed Insights, wherein you give it a URL, and it will analyze the speed factors of the page, giving you a “Page Speed Score” out of 100.

Not to mention that you can also generate a Page Speed Mobile analysis, for mobile browser optimization!

The Page Speed Score indicates how much faster a page could be. A high score indicates little room for improvement, while a lower score indicates more room for improvement. The Page Speed Score does not measure the time it takes for a page to load.

The results are broken down into four categories:

  1. High Priority
  2. Medium Priority
  3. Low Priority
  4. Rules without Suggestions

The great thing is that’s not where it stops. They actually give the details of where you can improve and HOW you can do it.

Go test a site and improve it – you’ll notice the difference.

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