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Video Buffering Blues – Cause and Fix

Netflix buffering | Video Buffering Blues: Causes and Fix
Video Buffering Blues

Has this ever happened to you? You’re watching a pretty great movie on Netflix streaming and someone else on your WiFi network is playing a game and every few seconds or so the movie goes dead and you see that annoying swirling video buffering signal?

Or maybe you’re playing your favorite MMORPG but have your Outlook scheduled to download the latest email every 5 minutes, so every 5 minutes you get dropped from the game?

These and other annoying situations have happened to me. Many times. And it’s annoying as hell.

Well it seems there may be a cure.

I came across this Mashable article today and found it refreshing. Western Digital has evidently jumped into the networking game and released a set of WiFi routers called My Net. The routers also come with a configuration application that you can even access via your iPhone or iPad.

What’s the deal? Well, it can prioritize video streams or video games!

In the case of streaming services like Netflix, where the video doesn't necessarily stop playing but its video quality will suffer, FasTrack can help there, too, keeping that episode of The Walking Dead nice and sharp while your roommate downloads Photoshop.

Video Buffering Cures for Me

Although I’m not a fan of purchasing a new router simply for video buffering issues, I must admit at beaming a little bit with pride at having at least understood the problem a little better.

And now that my wife has finally bought an iPad, we might be looking into some interesting options.

But on the real… Why hasn’t someone come up with a product named “Jimmy Buffer” :P

Read what Mashable has to say about it – a nice review with costs and more details.

Sick of Video Buffering Over Wi-Fi? This Router Can Do Something About It

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