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Digital Video Terminology

Adobe Premiere

I recently finished a site re-design, complete with mobile responsiveness, for the PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu website and decided I that I need to update the featured video on the homepage.

Although I have a fairly heavy duty video application for editing, most of its power has been extremely under-utilized, since I am a complete N00b to all this.

Sure, I’ve created several videos in the past, but they all scream amateur.

So I’m working on a new video.

But now I am taking a little bit of time to do some research online, read articles, watching videos, etc., to be just a wee bit more knowledgeable.

I’ll never be peer to a professional producer or editor, but I must say that it’s a fun learning experience.

And although I can tell that this current project will end up looking amateurish yet again, it will be one step beyond, intimating that I’m actually towing around with concepts and tools. Think of “cool” Photoshop images with so much drop-shadow and gradients. 😛

Anyway, the point of this post is to share with you a page I’ve come across in my research that is great if you are a complete N00B like myself. Just like the title says, it’s a list of Digital Video Terminology, explaining commonly-used terms in the industry for a N00B like me. And if the explanation isn’t enough, since the terms are quite common industry-standards, you can easily find a Wikipedia article with more in-depth information.

Digital Video Editing Terminology.

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