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How to Boost Computer Speaker Volume

How to Boost Speaker Volume
How to Boost Speaker Volume

How to boost your desktop computer speaker volume is not something that is immediately apparent, but it’s also not as difficult as one might think.

I know there’s plenty of you out there facing the same problem I’ve been (perhaps for years).

You’ve got a decent computer and some junky old speakers.

Listening through your headphones rock out, but the speakers barely whisper.

Let’s look at what finally worked for me. 

Boost Computer Speaker Volume

First check all of the usual bits:

  • Raise the volume sliders on the speaker volume in the taskbar
  • Check all wired connections are correct
  • Check for Audio driver updates
  • Ensure Speaker settings are correct

And if that doesn’t do anything, which it didn’t for me, do this wonderful thing: Raise the Equalizer of the Sound Effects.

There’s two ways to get there, but I’ll just walk you through the most straight forward & easy one.

  1. Press the Start Menu button.
  2. Go to “Control Panel.”
    If you don’t see it, type “Control Panel” in the Start Menu search box (at the bottom of the menu) and press Enter.
  3. In the top right of the window, you’ll see “View by:.” Change whatever the value is to be “Small icons.”
  4. Locate & Click “Sound”.
  5. Click the speaker with the green check mark on it and then click the “Properties” button on the bottom right.
  6. Click the tab named “Enhancements”.
  7. If “Disable all sound effects” is selected, unselect it.
  8. Select Equalizer below.
  9. Click the button labeled “…” in the Sound Effect Properties box below.
  10. Drag all the sliders to the top.
  11. Press the Save button and select a name for the setting.
  12. Press Okay and Close all the remaining Open windows.
  13. Try out your speakers; if they’re now too loud, go back through the above steps and try adjusting those sliders to a different level.

You’ve boosted your computer speakers volume.

Level Up

Ta da! Now you can listen to your music, video games, videos or whatever without automatically having to reach for your headphones or spending cash for new fancy speakers.

Oh! And if you are going to play games, try a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, otherwise known as the abbreviated MMORPG. Those are the types of games I tend to play the most.

Learn more About Me, if you dare (there’s more than just the SEO).

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