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The Dead Sing August

Emily Kinney Dead Sing August
Emily Kinney Dead Sing August

Yeah, I know I am late (August) to the party in a lot of this stuff, but hey - I am not much into the Entertainment industry and it's a nice break when it comes real.

This morning began with a grain of enjoyable August happenstance.

I’m not a fan of the popular show The Walking Dead. I have no mal-interest towards it. We don’t have cable TV and my significant other doesn’t veer towards the scary. Maybe one day I can trick her into watching an episode or two and then we shall come late to the party.

Perhaps more to the point is that I am unfamiliar with the cast, I guess.

However last night we did watch a movie on Netflix. This morning I began listening to an unrelated podcast.

The August of....A Podcast

Where am I going with all of this? And where is August? You’ll have to read on and engage the brain.

As the episode of the podcast began, my ears were treated to a very beautiful female voice singing; I was half-smitten in micro-seconds.

So of course, I listened on.

The podcast is the (evidently wildly popular) The Nerdist, hosted by Chris Hardwick.

Dude is very laid-back and easy to listen to and interviews all kinds of famous folks in a we-just-folks kind of way. I’m a gonna stay subscribed.

And this episode featured a clip of this most beautiful song. It’s called “Never Leave LA.” I obviously don’t live in LA and don’t really vibe completely with all of the lyrics. But the voice. OMG! That voice!

That wonderful songstress is Emily Kinney and she makes lovely music

August: TV, Movie, Play, Poem and Serendipity

She played “Beth Greene” on The Walking Dead (and evidently her character recently died). She’s also been in tons of other things.

She seems to be a very down to earth and cool gal. And man…That voice… Pure beauty.

As I listened to her tell her tale of her life and whatnot, I learned that she spent some time living in NYC (shocker, I know – but hey, she also lived in Georgia due to Dead filming). During her time in the hustle and bustle city, she did a particular play.

And that play, actually titled after a poem of the same name by Howard Starks, was later adapted into a movie by the same name.

The same movie we watched last night – August: Osage County!

So it’s aligned in the stars – we must be destined to surf the never was together.

Okay, maybe not. But it was just a cool little slap-my-thigh-and-call-me-Martha kind of moment. 🙂

Go check out The Nerdist Podcast. It’s okay if you don’t listen during August. 🙂

In Chris’ own words:

The Nerdist Podcast logo
The Nerdist Podcast

I am Chris Hardwick. I am on TV a lot and have a blog at nerdist.com. This podcast is basically just me talking about stuff and things with my two nerdy friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira, and usually someone more famous than all of us. Occasionally we swear because that is fun. I hope you like it, but if you don’t I’m sure you will not hesitate to unfurl your rage in the reviews section because that’s how the Internet works.

Oh, and evidently this song is wildly popular among her fans, but she’s slightly reluctant to sing it all the time, due to its downer thang. But I can sure as hell understand why it’s popular – there she goes with that beauty again. 😉 😛 🙂

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