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Google Easter Eggs: 2021

Google Easter Eggs 2021
Google Easter Eggs 2021

Did you know there are some fun and cool Google Easter Eggs you can try?

We know what Google is. Google is the King of Search Engines. As an SEO Specialist providing Search Engine Optimization consulting and implementation services, I’m definitely more than a little familiar with the behemoth.

Most of you know that Google has tons of other products as well.

But looking more at their fun side, Google has Doodles.

Perhaps you have seen Google Doodles, the creative re-designs of the Google logo, featured on specific days of the year. Google has a team of illustrators that create the doodles and they accept ideas from the public as well. For example, on December 24th, 2020, the doodle in Taiwan celebrated Taiwanese puppeteer, educator, and film actor Li Tien-lu.

And sometimes Google will activate a special game or interactive feature on those special days, aligned with the Doodle and its celebrated event. But these are temporary. Google’s Easter Eggs tend to last for a bit longer.

But just what is an Easter Egg?

What is an Easter Egg?

Easter Eggs are little gems hidden in various media such as video games, TV Shows, films etc. They mighy be a message, image, interactive feature like a game or maybe a joke.

As Wikipedia says:

In computer software, Easter eggs are secret responses that occur as a result of an undocumented set of commands. The results can vary from a simple printed message or image to a page of programmer credits or a small video game hidden inside an otherwise serious piece of software.

A Wide Variety of Google Easter Eggs

Ultimately, Google has had many different types of Easter Eggs on a variety of platforms throughout the years. Easter Eggs can be found all over Google’s product offering.

You can find cool things like the Loch Ness monster on Google Earth or the Walking Directions from the Shire to Mordor in Google Maps or even from China to Japan (well, you could at one point in time; not so much anymore).

Some of the Easter Eggs have been retired and no longer work. And some are hidden in a variety of Google products. However here, we’re only looking at current, working Easter Eggs, that can be found within the Search Engine itself.


Google Easter Eggs: Updated for 2021!

Ultimately, all you need to do in order to activate these cool search tricks in Google, is to type in certain key phrases. No, not key phrases like keywords in SEO or anything like that. I just mean that these commands, when entered into the Google Search Box in the actual Search Engine page itself; it won’t quite work by doing it in a browser extension.

So just head on over to and enter in one of the phrases below and hit Enter to experience the helpful, the interesting, the fun!

Activate a Google Easter Egg with these phrases

Google Helpful Easter Eggs

  • Calculate Tip
  • Tip Calculator
  • [Name of a Holiday]. For example, “Chinese New Year”, “Thanksgiving” or “Presidents Day”, etc.
  • Books by [name]. For example, Books by Stephen King
  • Movies
  • Movies by [name]. For example, Movies by Martin Scorcese
  • Movies with [name]. For example, Movies with Jet Li.
  • [name] Movies. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio Movies.
  • Songs by [name]
  • [name] Songs
  • Albums by [name]
  • [name] Albums
  • [Name of a Television show] episodes. For example, breaking bad episodes
  • [Movie Title] release date
  • [Movie or TV show title] cast
  • [name] height. For example, Loni Anderson height
  • [name] age. For example, Richard Dawson age
  • [name] children.
  • [name] spouse.
  • [name] parents.
  • [name] net worth.
  • Lyrics to [song name]
  • [Company Name] stock price
  • Founder [Company Name]
  • [number] [measurement]. For example, 5 feet
  • Time [City Name]
  • [time] [timezone] to [timezone]. For example, 5pm est to pst
  • IP Address
  • [Stock symbol]. For example hlf
  • [Sports Team Name]. For example, Georgia Bulldogs
  • Graph for [math function]>. For example, graph for sin(x)+cos(x)
  • Solve [geometric shape]. For example, solve hexagon
  • What time is it
  • [number] [currency] [currency]. For example, 1 usd aud.
  • [number] [currency] [country]. For example, 1 usd Australia
  • [number]=english. For example, 182348=english
  • Define [word]
  • Synonym [word]
  • Word origin [word]
  • Translate
  • Metronome
  • Breathing exercise
  • Color picker
  • Random number generator (or rng)
  • Distance [geographic place name] to [geographic place name]. For example, distance atlanta to new york
  • Set timer [number]. For example, set timer 1:00
  • Timer [time length]. For example, timer 5 minutes
  • [City name} [City name] flights. For example, atlanta tokyo flights
  • Sunrise in [City name]
  • Sunset in [City name]
  • Weather [City name]
  • Forecast [City name]

Google Fun Easter Eggs

  • Fun facts
  • I’m feeling curious
  • Google Logo History
  • Google birthday surprise spinner
  • Earth day quiz
  • Google doodles
  • Bacon number [celebrity name]. For example, bacon number tom cruise
  • Do a barrel roll
  • Tilt
  • Askew
  • Recursion
  • Define anagram
  • Anagram
  • Festivus
  • Is Google down
  • What sound does a [animal name] make
  • Google in 1998 (specifically only works with this year)
  • The answer to life the universe and everything
  • The loneliest number
  • Once in a blue moon
  • Blink HTML (and look at the word “blink” in the results
  • Marquee HTML (and look at the search stats just under the search box)
  • Flip a coin
  • Roll die
  • [Go to] “atari breakout” (don’t hit Enter). Click “I’m feeling lucky”
  • Pacman
  • Play dreidel
  • Zerg rush
  • Tic tac toe
  • Solitaire
  • Snake (or play snake, snake game and snake video game)
  • Minesweeper
  • Interactive fiction *
  • Text adventure *

For these last two, after you get the search results, you need to go to the Console area of your browser (make it Chrome). If you’re saavy, right-click, inspect and click on the Console tab, or click the three vertical on the upper right corner of the browser window. Then select More Tools > Developer Tools from the dropdown menu. Click on the Console tab and voila!

Google Search Tricks: Pacman
Google Search Tricks: Pacman
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