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A few words About Me Widely Experienced, Focused Passion SEO & More: Understanding how the Pieces fit together I’ve brought websites from obscurity in SEO to top ranks in Search Engines. I’ve designed, developed & managed websites. I’ve created & run Email and PPC campaigns. I’ve migrated sites from various CMS to WordPress. I’ve trained teams …

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Local Search Engine Optimization - Local SEO

5 Tactics to Boost Local Traffic

I wrote a pretty outstanding article for my company’s Blog and wanted to share it with you. Although written for the vacation rental industry, it’s a power-packed article that’s useful for those in other industries as well. 5 Ultra Powerful SEO or Search Engine Optimization tactics to Boost Local Traffic to your website.

Online Marketing

21 Hot Online Marketing Articles

For once, I actually read through some of the gazillions of Online Marketing articles that flow in through my Inbox. And there were some serious doozies laying in there! So I broke them down into their various categories and made a list of the fairly interesting (and definitely the more informative and actionable) ones

Emily Kinney Dead Sing August

The Dead Sing August

A play, a movie, a song, and a podcast walk into a bar…
An interesting happenstance where Entertainment meets Serendipity.

Screenshot of the classic Asteroids game


A look into Asteroids with the focus being on an interesting new podcast I’ve come across and resources as well.

Wikipedia Logo

For the Researcher in You

I do a lot of research. And oftentimes I, like many, use Wikipedia. But today I’ve come to learn that Wikipedia has MUCH more information than what I previously thought. Check this out!

Pluto in Space

3…2…1… Lift Off!

I’ve always been casually interested in Space. But after twenty years of no longer being in school, I’ve missed out on a lot of developments. And so I’ve found a way to reacquaint myself with this interesting topic. And and I introduce you to an Awesome podcast I’ve come across that does just that.

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