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I’ve brought websites from obscurity in SEO to top ranks in Search Engines. I’ve designed, developed & managed websites. I’ve created & run Email and PPC campaigns. I’ve migrated sites from various CMS to WordPress. I’ve trained teams on SEO. I’ve managed full life-cycle online marketing campaigns for country-level portals in South East Asia.

I’ve done all that and a lot more.

My passion is in quality, comprehensive, organic, white hat SEO. Having the far-reaching experience I do, you can bet I understand the big picture and can get my hands dirty.

Craig Kiessling | SEO Consultant



White Hat.

Don’t be fooled by ridiculous guarantees, empty catch-phrases, meaningless data, or over-hyped click-baity nonsense. 

Your SEO Partner should be experienced, knowledgeable, comprehensive, communicative and trustworthy.

Personal Life

There's more to me than Online wizardry

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, I went to school at UGA and lived in various places throughout my life, including Singapore.

I practice & teach exercise, meditation, Qigong and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (TCMA) at PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu

I also co-hosted a Martial Arts Podcast.

An avid fan of the in-person game of Mahjong (not the computer tile-matching game), I use to host parties and teach as well. 

We still have an old Wii that gets used a fair amount.

I’m on my third round of donating, re-stocking and reading my bookshelves and live in Atlanta with my wife, daughter and cat, Emerald.

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