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Understanding how the Pieces fit together

Hi. I’m Craig Kiessling.

I’ve brought websites from obscurity in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to top ranks in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). I’ve designed, developed & managed websites. 

Have I created & run Email and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns? Check. 

How about migrating sites from various CMS (Content Management Systems) to WordPress? Yes, indeed.

Experienced in training? I’ve trained teams on SEO. I’ve managed full life-cycle online marketing campaigns for country-level portals in South East Asia.

I’ve done all that and a lot more. (See my resume for the details)

My passion is in quality, comprehensive, organic, white hat SEO. Having the far-reaching experience I do, you can bet I understand the big picture and can get my hands dirty.

Craig Kiessling | SEO Specialist | Atlanta, GA


White Hat.

Don’t be fooled by ridiculous guarantees, empty catch-phrases, meaningless data, or over-hyped click-baity nonsense.

Your SEO Partner should be experienced, knowledgeable, comprehensive, communicative, and trustworthy. 

And that’s me, Craig Kiessling

Personal Life

There's more to Craig Kiessling than Online wizardry

Born in Roswell, and a native of Atlanta, Georgia, I went to school at UGA and lived in various places throughout my life, including Singapore.

I practice & teach exercise, meditation, Qigong and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (TCMA) at PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu.

I also co-hosted a Martial Arts Podcast.

An avid fan of the in-person game of Mahjong (not the computer tile-matching game), I use to host parties and teach as well.

We still have an old Wii that gets used a fair amount, but I tend to play a lot of PC games.

I’m on my third round of donating, re-stocking, and reading my bookshelves and live in the Decatur area of Atlanta with my wife and daughter.

Feel free to read a bit in the Blog.

Craig Kiessling | Search Engine Optimization Consultant
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To get in touch, you can shoot me an email (first-name@this-domain-name) or give me a call at (470) 426 – 6152.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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