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Yep. I got Blog Posts!

See what I did there? I said “Blog POSTS.” I did NOT say “Blogs.” They are posts to the Blog, not separate Blogs themselves. It’s a goofy thing I see frequently lately, with people showcasing how little they understand where the word comes from…

The same is true for Podcasts. They are Podcast Episodes, not “Podcasts.”

It drives me batty. Anyway, here’s the SEO Blog and its Posts.

SEO Blog (and other related posts)

Titles in Google SERPs

SEO and the Title Tag

The HTML Title Tag is an extremely important aspect of your Search Engine Optimization activities. Learn the Why & Hows of Title optimization

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Google PageRank

PageRank and SEO

SEO and PageRank can seem to go hand-in-hand. Let’s look at a definition of Google’s SEO PageRank, how to look at it, and some resources.

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