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SEO - Don't believe the Hype

SEO – Crush the Hype by Doing the Right Thing

This or that Search Engine algorithm got you jumping? SEO is now this and not that? Sorry folks – It is what it has always been, of course with some minor tweaks. But stop the Hyped-up nonsense.

SEO Mastery for BING

Ding! Ding! 5 SEO Tips for Bing

Bing supplies Yahoo with their Search Results and is the second-most major player in the Search Engine world. Let’s look at some Bing-specific SEO tips.


5 Steps to SEO Success with Zemanta

“Get the most out of your blogging time.” That’s what the producers of a pretty cool tool says about their blogging add-on service, Zemanta (Acquired by Outbrain in 2017). I’ve been looking into it, and Zemanta is indeed useful. Like the WP plug-in Insights, this nifty thing gives you all sorts of media suggestions, based …

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SEO Page Speed

Google helps SEO via Speed

If you’ve been under a rock or just haven’t heard, about a year ago Matt Cutts announced on the Google Webmaster Central Blog that Site Speed is a factor in Search Ranking. And about a year before that, Google posted a YouTube video hinting about this change, titled “Let’s make the Web Faster”.   Let’s …

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