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What I do SEO Services SEO Monthly Package My standard SEO Services offering is a monthly package of Audits, Reporting, Consulting, Implementation and if desired, Training. Audits & Reporting Audits Monthly Audits are compiled on your web presence, including technical SEO factors, content, and more. Once we’ve made our fixes and created an enhancement & …

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Eat at URL's

Domain Names and your SEO

Domain Names are an extremely important consideration in SEO. If you’re selling used green pants, how do you think or would fare in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)? Well, I think you know – it would do great! Domain Names So what should we do about Domain Names, URLs and what are …

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RSS Feeds aid in SEO

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary, Rich Site Summary) Feeds can add to your SEO campaign. Aside from being a great alternative way to receive updated content on your site, RSS feeds bring you closer into that hip Web 2.0 world. And not to mention that Google looks for fresh content; having feeds …

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Titles in Google SERPs

SEO and the Title Tag

Title tags are an extremely important factor in SEO. Unlike other aspects of Search Engine Optimization, page titles can not be over-emphasized. Think about it for a minute…A Title Tag: Shows up as the clickable link in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) Is what you are claiming to your potential visitors (and Search Engine Spiders) …

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Google PageRank

PageRank and SEO

PageRank is an important consideration in SEO, however don’t get too caught up in it. PageRank is just one small piece of the SEO puzzle, being a Google-specific link analysis algorithm in its own right. Google explains PageRank in their Patent page on it, as well as the life of a Google Query. This makes …

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SamePoint Social Media Search

Powerful SMO Tool for SEO in the New Year – SamePoint

Update regarding SamePoint Unfortunately, the SamePoint website is D-E-A-D. 🙁 As you may have figured out by now, using SMO (Social Media Optimization), tied in with SEO in your Online Marketing efforts, is fast becoming a must-have. But with all the Networking sites (professional, social, and somewhere in-between) APIs (Application Programming Interface), tools and more …

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