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Quality vs. Quantity

Quality vs. Quantity

A look at Quality vs. Quantity, how it affects us in life and marketing, and why it matters.


Htaccess – Your Guide to Control

Your .htaccess file should never be over-looked. It helps with SEO. It helps with security. It puts much control into your hands. But with great power…

Google with Style

Styling for Google

Google and Styles – The suggested best practices within HTML and CSS in styling your content for the monster Search Engine Google has become.

Social Media Buttons

Social Media Buttons and their Impact

Social Media Buttons and Icons – We see them all over the internet, including right here on the CSKnet site. We know we need them for SEO, but conversions?


Hot Content Ideas from Google

Fresh, new and magnetic content is good for SEO and good for conversions. Finding inspiration for this content, however, can be a chore. Google, the search engine, is one of the main entities that we want to take notice of our content. But Google, the monster engine of intent, is one of the main entities …

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Craig Kiessling Resume Microsoft Word Adobe PDF Text Only I’ve over 15 years of experience touching on a variety of digital aspects in Online Marketing, with a fine-tuned focus and passion for organic, quality, holistic white hat SEO. Strategy, Management, Execution, On-Page, Off-Page, Technical, Content Creation, Development as well as many other aspects and activities …

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Google Buzz

Buzz on Google Buzz

So there’s a new SMO (Social Media Optimization) and Social Networking tool out… Google Buzz has now been released (now very much defunct). A tool very much like FriendFeed (also now defunct; in fact, the url now redirects to Facebook!), it easily integrates into your Gmail and other Google tools. I’m not sure how …

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