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SEO Monthly Package

My standard SEO Services offering is a monthly package of Audits, Reporting, Consulting, Implementation and if desired, Training. Feel free to learn more About Craig Kiessling.

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Audits & Reporting


Monthly Audits are compiled on your web presence, including technical SEO factors, content, and more. Once we’ve made our fixes and created an enhancement & advanced optimizations plan, the audits will continue, however additionally containing other data. The recurring and sequential Auditing format helps us to see how we’re steadily improving.


Along with monthly Audits come monthly Reports, including customized GA (Google Analytics) reports; baselines initially, and then month over month (or whatever customized solution you prefer) as well. Again, this helps us see that our KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators are not simply improving, but providing actionable insights.

Website Speed Optimization

Page speed load time is influenced by quite a few factors and they are part of my monthly optimization package. Your responsive website speeds will significantly improve both on mobile and desktop. From image optimization and lower server requests to minified CSS or Cascading Style Sheets & JavaScript files and more.

Checkmark | SEO Service | Monthly Package Feature
Checkmark | SEO Service | Monthly Package Feature

Technical SEO

If things like Sitemaps, robots.txt, .htaccess, redirects, site architecture, URL structures, navigation, structured data, canonicals, internal links, broken links, mobile-friendliness, SSL/HTTPS, AMP, pagination, and the many other Technical SEO aspects make your head spin, be relieved at this featured inclusion!



White Hat.

Don’t be fooled by ridiculous guarantees, empty catch-phrases, meaningless data, or over-hyped click-baity nonsense.

Your SEO Partner should be experienced, knowledgeable, comprehensive, communicative and trustworthy. 

Image Optimization

Image Optimization is a very important, yet often neglected aspect of Search Engine Optimization. And it’s about much more than the clicking of a button to squish down the filesize

The file name, meta-data, contextual location, dimension, format, HTML tag attributes and still other areas play a role in Image Optimization. Luckily, with a phased approach, this is included in my monthly SEO package.

Checkmark | SEO Service | Monthly Package Feature
Checkmark | SEO Service | Monthly Package Feature

On-page SEO Services

This is one area that people unfamiliar with comprehensive SEO believe it to be about. Here we tackle the HTML source code (and, if need be, the server side scripting behind the templates) of the individual page itself, as well as the Content

Assess the current state of content and optimize it, as well as looking into a Content Strategy moving forward.

Not just the itself, but the formatting, the hierarchy of headings, the contextual placement of images, the under-used HTML tags, internal & external links and much more.

Off-site SEO Services

Backlinks are the other area that folks think about regarding SEO. Although it is a factor, it should not be blindly sought in the early phases. Not to mention Off-Site SEO is about much more than that.

Actually being Social. Having full, active, current and complete Search Engine business listings. Managing weighted Citations. Reviews. Building real relationships. This is the beginning of Off-Site SEO.

Some Off-Site activities are done in the earlier stages, while others wait until prioritized time in later phases.

Checkmark | SEO Service | Monthly Package Feature
Checkmark | SEO Service | Monthly Package Feature

Local SEO Services

Search Engine business pages, like “Google My Business,” etc. Maps. Consistent NAP. “Near Me” searches. Website localization. Local relationships. Local citations. Local structured data.

These Local SEO services and more are part and parcel of a monthly SEO package.

Website Management & Maintenance

Updates to Content, Design and Development. Customization. Added Features. Re-designs. Security. Spam Control. User Management. WordPress Specializations.

Checkmark | SEO Service | Monthly Package Feature
~ $1,000 per month
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